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Fitbit HR Charger, 2016 Wall Charger Cable for Fitbit Charge HR Band Wireless US Plug(No Tracker)


About the Product

This Wall Charger Cable only for the Fitbit Charge HR Band Charger use in Home, NOT for the Fitbit Flex/Charge/Surge/Force/One
No Band or other parts. Replacement Wall Charging Cable Adapter for fitbit charge HR Only

Super Easy Plug and Play; Output : 5V ;Output current:450MA – Best Fitbit HR Charger US Plug wall adapter replacement

Replacement Fitbit Charge HR Wall Charger for Fitbit Charge HR Band Wireless Activity Bracelet

Package: 1 x replacement US Plus Wall charger adapter for fitbit charge HR fitness tracker. This product is ECSEM brand, in order to protect your rights, please order the genuine in Best_Express. Other sellers are counterfeit products, we are not responsible for the fakes you bought from other counterfeit seller.
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Sony PS4 can support Bluetooth headset future after release


Recently, Sony has confirmed that the next generation console does not support made ‚Äč‚Äčthis Bluetooth headset. So far, people are thinking about buying PlayStation 4 were happy but this news hit her like a rock.

Although , Playstation 4 is the latest console , but this missing feature will definitely be unhappy lover hp. One thing to note that headsets with PlayStation 3 console is not compatible to work with this new generation. Sony officials have said that after an update that fixes this problem, but today, even ear tag will not work with Sony PlayStation 4 .

Although Bluetooth headset is compatible with the Sony Playstation 4, declared his support for USB Headset ( set pulse ) will be supported by the console through the system update. This can playstation lovers who relieve addicted chat on the use of headphones for gaming and .

PlayStation 4 Software Update 1:50 on the day – a patch for the next generation console from Sony will bring USB headset compatibility with the system, according to an update from Sony PS4 long FAQ .

A report released last month said that the PS4 does not support Bluetooth or USB headset at the start, but the functionality would come after the start. To bring a patch compatibility with the latter, so that Bluetooth headset compatibility for future alleged Update – The Day .

Early adopters may PlayStation 4 system software version 1.50 download from the official site of PlayStation now to save installation time , when they get their systems this week . Click the link above to learn the five steps to modernize the PS4 on a USB device .

Believe that I will use my Bluetiger Bluetooth headset in the next version update.